Mondi Lodge


“Mondi Lodge” is a small, family-owned, eco-friendly facility located on Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. There are 4 unique wooden cabins built on poles; all contain maximum comfort and amenities. Each cabin has its own characteristics, which you can view on our website:

Mondi Lodge is centrally located with 4 beaches in a 2 kilometer radius and a 10 minute drive from the airport and the colorful capital of Willemstad. For guests that love to explore the underwater world, it is good to know that we have some exciting dive spots and various dive schools close-by. The atmosphere at Mondi Lodge is of a laid-back, romantic kind and very private; serenity is easily found here during the day and night. The pool and cozy outdoor kitchen with BBQ facilities are at our guests’ disposal at any time.

 Currently we are in the process of implementing the requirements set forth by the Rain Forest Alliance, in order to obtain an official Eco-Lodge certification. At the same time we continue to uphold and improve our personalized service where ever possible. Our breakfast specials (which are included in our price) are received with great enthusiasm!