Manuel Antonio National Park


One of Costa Rica's must-see sights is Manuel Antonio National Park, which lies on the Pacific Coast, south of the town of Quepos. The park itself has four beaches, idyllic and unspoiled. A tropical forest comes right up to the edge of the beach; look hard and it's likely you'll see a three-toed sloth hanging from one of the trees. The four beaches are named Espadilla Sur, Manuel Antonio, Escondito and Playita. Walking from one to the other — even though there are picnic tables scattered about — makes it easy for a beachgoer to believe they're a modern-day Robinson Crusoe. The park offers excellent surfing, swimming and beachcombing. Visitation is limited to 600 people on weekdays and 800 on weekends, so arrive early if you have your heart set on a day at the beach.

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