Kuala Lumpur the great by Guido Rojer, Jr. #skyprof

The one hour driver from KLIA to the center of Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it goes by in the rest of Asia, is well worth the journey. The capital of Malaysia truly meets their claim, being the true heart of Asia. Between the Petronas Towers, Independence Square, Durian flavored Chocolate, and Laksa, your breath will be taken away.

In my annual spring trip I try as much as possible to go long distance. Kings Day and Labor Day in Curaçao allow you to take only 8 days of paid leave and get 14 days to travel. This year I went to a heap of places in both Europe and Asia. I had stops in Bangkok and Singapore, and was originally scheduled to fly back via Sri Lanka. My new search rendered another option: Kuala Lumpur. I was hesitant at first, Malaysia airways and all, but I mustered up some courage and took the plunge. Too soon? hahaha.

One of the most impressive airports I have seen to date, seriously. KLIA beats Changi in Singapore any day of the week. Driving by the Petronas Towers was a treat, but even more so was opening my hotel room door and having the view of the towers right there. Nothing beats that!

Food is extremely cheap in KL, I had a rack of lamb for 15$!!!! You know I had to go back for seconds, the next day of course. Following dinner we took a stroll down Bukit Bintang, KL”s Times Square. I have never seen so many people in such a small square, ever. It was a daunting yet exhilarating experience.

Clubbing is no joke. KL throws it down like nobody else can. One step into Zouk, and you will be teleported to the most modern of outing spaces you can ever imagine. All of the clubs in Miami Beach and Las Vegas together can not match what KL’s Zouk drops on the poker table. The mix of international and local music, and “What’s that deejay’s name again” got us all ready for some more: Mc Donald’s breakfast at 4am.

Breakfast doesn’t really exist in these places. Well it does, we just call it lunch. Imagine the best nasi goreng, bami goreng, laksa and other noodle soups for the morning meal. Of course, you can go the American way and have scrambled eggs and sausage, but you’re in Asia for pete’s sake. The same pattern can be found elsewhere, but KL’s brekkie, really got me going.

The shopping is amazing, malls for days. You can really get a bang for your buck from what I have seen. You’d be better of spending your shopping hours online, because KL has a lot more to offer. I spent my time trying out chocolate at the factories in the city. Can you imagine a Durian flavored chocolate bar? YES PLEASE.

My stay in KL was really too short to experience the beat of the city. But with prices like these, I’ll be sure to include KL again in one of my Asia tours sometime soon. For now Kuala the great Lumpur, you rock!

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