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Boarding Pass Trvls is a brand new website that offers all travel related products which makes it the perfect travel platform for the most demanding clientele.

We’re a modern-type website with a daring bold look covering and providing complete travel services ready to help you choose or book your next adventure! Boarding Pass Trvls… because life’s too short for ordinary things!

Our Qualified Guides

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David G.A Mitchell
Enthusiastic, Idealistic and Creative. Able to do almost anything that gets my attention. People skills, traveller at heart and live life in accordance with my inner values.
Aisha Tromp
Arubian born world traveller and go gether with a passion for hosting and adventure. Always postive minded, and in for a good laugh.
Richard Van Ginkel
Ramsay Soemanta
I’m that type of photographer that prefers to be naked then to leave my camera behind, you can expect an “anything for the art” attitude with a large dose of humor. I believe my humor transcends with whom I’m working with and therefore having fun on the set is a must.
Tini Samson
Traveler of life. Always curious and seeking for new adventures and meeting new people. True believer in the art of gratitude. When life gets to serious I make a big party out of it.